A 85 M height Cooling tower was successfully demolished with high precision via implosion at GAS BASED POWER PLANT , UTRAN of GSECL .

This storage hall (Klinker ) at Birla Cement plant in Satna, Madhya Pradesh. The challenging task to bring the old storage hall down without any collateral damage to nearby running plant was executed perfectly

A world record dimension chimney with 256M height and 50M base was successfully brought down with no damage to nearby villages and other structures .This was a very strongly built new chimney which had to be demolished unfortunately . The task was completed successfully with no foreign help under leadership of our director and blasting expert Mr. Anand Sharma .This is the tallest height structure ever demolished by control blasting in India and Asia and probably world as such new chimneys with 50M base have not been demolished ever before .

The old bridge was demolished in Chandni Chawk , Pune , Maharashtra under consultancy of Mr. Anand Sharma . To avoid any damage to Important national highway below the bridge , It was first fragmented with control blasting and later dismantled mechanically . The project was executed successfully within desired time and minimal blockage time of National Highway Below .

These towers were the highest ever residential structure ever demolished in India .The towers came down exactly as planned with no damage to sensitive residential structures nearby . Our Director Mr. Anand Sharma acted as a primary blasting consultant to the agency which executed this job .

This Overhead tank was located in residential area of Ultratech cement colony with structures like DG House , Hospital and Residential quarters in very close proximity .The demolition was executed successfully as planned followed by a very positive feedback from the client Ultratech Cement Limited.

Demolition of Overhead tank for HEG Limited in Mandideep. This structure was located in highly sensitive area with operating plant and high voltage line close by .The structure was successfully demolished with very high precision as planned .

Simultaneous demolition of two Preheaters (Height Appx 100m) at ACC Cement Plant , Ghughus ,Maharastra. This challenging task was completed successfully while maintaining all safety standards required by our prestigious client ACC Limited.

An overhead tank at Panipat thermal plant was demolished .before us some other agency tried the demolition but they failed , so we took up the project ,restrengthened the base of structure and successfully executed the demolition thereafter.

Implosion of Two Very Complex buildings with over 17 floors situated in a very densely populated residential area with smaller houses as close as 10-15 meters in proximity. FIRST TIME IN INDIA A WORK OF SUCH HUGE SCALE COMPLETED BY A INDIAN COMPANY.

Very Complex chimneys demolition which had highly combustible liquid storage in very close proximity. Project completed as planned with 100 percent success rate.

Demolition of four 105 meters high cooling towers in thermal power plant . 

Demolition of two 118 meters high cooling towers.A Record in India .


Demolition of two approximately 92 meter High Chimneys together ,another record in India. 


Certificates Of Appreciation Received By Our Director Mr. Anand Sharma For Successful Implosion Projects

2.Certificate IAS 2

Mr Snehil Kumar Singh , IAS

Sub Collector and Sub Divisional Magistrate,Kochi

1.Certificate Sarwate 2

Mr. Sharad B Sarwate

Chartererd Engineer and Project Consultant

3.LoA PESO 2

Dr. R. Venugopal, IPESS

Deputy Chief Controller of Explosives,Ernakullam


Mr. Anil Shukla , Unit Head

Ultratech Cement Limited , Jafrabad Works